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The mission of RB Treinamento e Consultoria is to amaze their clients. This is the challenge which motivates the company to seek excellence in their activities. Beyond regular updates in Finance and areas related thereto, we believe that knowing how to listen to clients is fundamental to delivering high-quality work.

We do a variety of services in Corporate Finance. One of our differentials is our approach to business management. We start and finish our work in finance, but very often, problems and opportunities arise in other areas, which need attention. We work to identify the issues and provide solutions.


Transparency, integrity and confidence are values of RB present in all stages of services. We are pragmatic to help companies to increase profit and mitigate risks. We have the conviction that financially healthy companies have more conditions to contribute to building a better world.             


Ricardo Brandão 


Ricardo Brandão has twenty years of experience in companies of different economic sectors, sizes and cultures. He worked twelve year in Citigroup, eight years of which in Citibank and four in Citigroup Asset Management, five years in Real Estate and three years in Retail. In these sectors and companies, he worked in areas of Finance, Products and Business Management.

This diversified professional background, associated along with his academic experience, provided him a holistic and analytical vision to deal with the many challenges of the corporate world.


Economist by education and vocation, he explains “in the economics course we work both parts of brain, going from philosophy to math. We see the problems through different perspectives and have the knowledge to suggest the most suitable solutions. He complemented his résumé with an MBA in Finance at Insper and a Master’s in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) at PUC-Rio.   

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