Flexibility and Credibility


Financial Viability

The most modern financial viability techniques tell you the chances of success of a new business or the expansion of a business, allowing you to identify which costs and revenues impact the bottom line. By means of this type of analysis it is possible to calculate the best conditions for the acquisition of the necessary investments. This type of analysis contributes greatly to the strategy and business management.

Valuation and Planning

In financial planning, the internal and external opportunities and risks to the company are considered. This diagnosis is essential to make the recommendations. The periodic review is part of this work. The projection and monitoring of revenues, costs and expenses help predict the need for cash and increase the company's profitability. In the case of a sale or merger of the company, it is necessary to calculate its market value.

Presentation to capture
Investor partners

There is a way to "sell" a project or company to an investor. This approach can make a difference.

Project Monitoring and Recovery

The identification of bottlenecks and solutions proposals tend to be more effective with professionals who are not involved  in the routine of the projects and free from conflicts of interest.

Business Model Development

Some discussions are crucial in the development phase of a company. Definitions in the areas of Marketing, Operations and Finance should be made in a structuered manner. The strong dynamic present in the contemporary economy makes the study of new business models a more and more common strategic alternative in the corporate world. 

Finance Training

The knowlegde of main concepts and tools of Corporate Finance will contribute to the development of strategy and business management.  


The separation of personal finances from corporate finances brings more transparency to the business indicators and consequentially, more peace of mind to the partners. The investment objectives of the company and its partners are generally different.

Definition of Management Processes and Tools

The process review brings quality, productivity and opportunities for management and operation. This work should be on par with the organizational culture. Once the processes have been defined, we start with the development of management tools.

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